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6 Must-Have Skills For The Future Of Work

By January 24, 2022 News

We are currently in the middle of the 4th Industrial Revolution. This is the time to start prepping for the future of work. According to the Future of Jobs Report published by the World Economic Forum, more than a third of the skills we deem as essential in today’s workforce will change in the five years. The fast-paced development of tech advancements and innovations means that many of us will soon be working with bots and artificial intelligence. How can you be at the forefront of the curve? Start by committing to lifelong learning so that you will learn the necessary skills to thrive in the workplace.

1. Emotional Intelligence

Your ability to control, express, and be aware of your emotions, as well as to be conscious of others’ emotions, is emotional intelligence (EQ). You possess high EQ if you exhibit integrity, empathy, and cooperation. A machine cannot replace your ability to connect with other living beings, so if you have high EQ, it will help you.

2. Creativity

Employees in the future need to have the creativity to understand all the benefits of new things coming up in the next few years, such as new technologies, products, ways of working, etc. Currently, robots cannot spar with human beings on the creativity front. The workplace of the future will demand novel ways of thinking. Human creativity is the way to go!

3. Active Learning

If you want to be ready for the workplace of the future, you must adopt active learning with a growth mindset. An employee with this mindset comprehends their intelligence and abilities and how they can use them to build skills to obtain higher achievement. With this mindset, you can face challenges, actively seek new information, and learn from your mistakes.

4. Critical or Analytical Thinking

Critical thinking enables you to offer innovative ideas and solutions, solve complicated problems with logic and reasoning, and analyze arguments. The first step is to study the flow of information from different resources. After making observations, you will use logical reasoning instead of emotional thinking to gather the pros and cons of the situation. You will also remain open-minded to possible solutions. Soon, people who possess strong critical reasoning skills will be in demand to maneuver through the human and machine schism of labor.

5. Tech Skills

Technological innovations like big data, Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality are fueling the 4th industrial revolution. Whether you like it or not, everyone will have to develop some comfort with technology. At the basic level, you will have roles where you will access data and decide what to do with it. Some technical skills are necessary. On a fundamental level, you need to understand the impact of new tech on various industries.

6. Interpersonal Communication

Being able to exchange information and context with other employees will be vital in the next few years. You have to hone in on your ability to interact effectively with people at work so that you will say the right things with the correct body language and tone of voice.

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