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We are seeking a  Zoologist in Spring Valley, Nevada to join our team . Being a zoologist offers a rewarding career dedicated to understanding and conserving the diversity of animal life on our planet. Whether studying animals in the wild, conducting research in the lab, or educating the public, zoologists play a vital role in advancing scientific knowledge and protecting wildlife for future generations.


Research and Observation:
Conduct fieldwork to observe animals in their natural habitats.
Collect specimens, samples, and data for analysis.
Study animal behavior, including feeding habits, mating rituals, and social structure

Data Analysis:
Analyze collected data using statistical and analytical methods.
Interpret findings to draw conclusions about animal behavior, ecology, and physiology.
Publish research findings in scientific journals and present at conferences.

Conservation and Management:
Work with conservationists and government agencies to develop conservation strategies for endangered species.
Monitor animal populations and habitats to assess the impact of human activities and environmental changes.
Design and implement programs to manage wildlife populations and habitats sustainably.

Education and Outreach:
Educate the public about animals, conservation, and environmental issues through presentations, workshops, and outreach programs.
Collaborate with schools, museums, and community organizations to promote awareness and appreciation of wildlife.
Provide expertise and guidance to policymakers and stakeholders on wildlife management and conservation initiatives

Laboratory Work:
Conduct laboratory experiments to study animal physiology, genetics, and biochemistry.
Use specialized equipment and techniques for data collection and analysis.
Collaborate with other scientists and researchers on interdisciplinary projects.

Teaching and Mentoring:
Teach courses in zoology, ecology, or related fields at universities or colleges.
Supervise graduate students, interns, and research assistants in laboratory and field settings.
Mentor aspiring zoologists and provide guidance on research projects and career development.


A Ph.D. or master’s degree in zoology, biology, ecology, or a related field.
Strong research skills, including fieldwork experience and data analysis proficiency.
Knowledge of animal behavior, ecology, physiology, and taxonomy.
Experience with scientific methods, experimental design, and statistical analysis.
Excellent communication and presentation skills for publishing research and engaging with diverse audiences.
Ability to work independently and collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams.
Passion for wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship.
Flexibility to work in diverse environments, including remote field sites and challenging conditions.

Work Environment:

Zoologists may work in a variety of environments, including laboratories, offices, zoos, wildlife reserves, and remote field sites. Fieldwork may involve travel to different locations and exposure to outdoor elements. The work hours can vary depending on research projects, with some fieldwork requiring irregular hours and extended periods away from home.

Application Instruction:

This is an exciting opportunity for any Zoologist in Spring Valley, Nevada. Our client is a leader in their industry and is constantly looking to expand and fuel growth with high caliber candidates. Here at Go Job Search, we work hard with our client and you, our candidate to ensure there is total recruitment synergy throughout the process. We want you to be as prepared as possible to give you the best chance of landing this exciting opportunity.

We will consider candidates from outside of Spring Valley, Nevada, if you are looking to relocate. Our consultants will guide you through every step of the process ensuring we get your application information in front of our client as soon as possible.

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