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Top 5 High-Paying Marketing Jobs

By December 13, 2021 News

Marketing is the most evolving industry where trends, technologies, and techniques change every year. New marketing ideas and advertising strategies take businesses to the next level. This also means marketing jobs are some of the most high-paying jobs filled with tremendous opportunities for both growth and creativity.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 high-paying marketing jobs in the USA.

1. Corporate Communications Director

Average salary: $124,054

This designation brings in the responsibility of crafting the company’s message and overseeing the distribution of that message via different methods like press releases, internal communications, corporate speeches, etc.

A Corporate Communications Director often supervises the team involved in writing, developing and implementing the communications strategy they created, such as PR.

Typically, people with at least a bachelor’s degree and extensive experience in related fields (PR, media or communications) are considered. However, many Corporate Communications Directors are MBAs or have other related advanced degrees in business.

2. Marketing Research Director

Average salary: $111,907

Marketing requires a concrete strategy and a clear understanding of the market and customers. This is where a Marketing Research Director is needed. Marketing Research Directors typically supervise a team of marketing researchers to analyze the industry, competitors and customers.

A Marketing Research Director is not confined to a specific team but works with multiple teams and different departments in the organization. Brainstorming, sharing insights, suggesting recommendations, etc., are some usual things they do to create a high-level marketing strategy.

As this role is highly quantitative and analytical, most professionals have a bachelor’s degree (or even master’s) in marketing/business or related fields. Additionally, extensive experience in marketing analytics and research is required.

3. Email Marketing Directors

Average salary: $102,588

Email Marketing is probably one of the best methods to reach people right on their devices. Email Marketing Directors typically oversee developing email marketing strategies, implementation and analysis of the results.

They’re responsible for connecting with customers through email, improving brand awareness and even increasing sales or other conversion rates. These directors usually work with different creative teams such as copywriters, web developers and designers to craft emails, create copy and continually optimize email campaigns for better conversion rates.

Email marketing directors have extensive experience in email marketing and additional experience in analytics, designing and content development.

4. Director of Digital Marketing

Average salary: $99,040

Digital Marketing Directors are typically responsible for overall digital marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and sales of the company. Their roles and responsibilities include driving conversions, increasing revenue, improving brand awareness, optimizing CTR, etc., through different digital campaigns.

Typically Digital Marketing Directors oversee various marketing activities such as email marketing, paid advertising campaigns, SEO, social media marketing, etc.

They also oversee multiple departments to track the analytics of the campaigns and adjust the strategies to improve conversions.

Typically candidates should have 10+ years of experience in different forms of digital marketing because digital marketing constantly evolves. Therefore, they’re expected to stay updated on the latest guidelines, best practices, tools and trends.

5. Content Marketing Director

Average salary: $95,854

Content Marketing Directors oversee the team responsible for creating content strategies, developing content, scheduling it and the overall content marketing. The roles and responsibilities also include managing different content creators.

Depending on the company’s digital marketing strategy, they may oversee different types of content mediums such as written (blogs, eBooks and posts), social media and video content.

Typically these directors have at least a bachelor’s degree and extensive experience as content creators, which could include editorial content strategy and writing experience.

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