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Why Is Digital Transformation Important In Creating Quality Jobs?

By January 10, 2022 News

An amount of $2.8 trillion is forecasted to be spent on digital transformation of businesses across the globe by 2025. For those who are new to the term “Digital transformation”, it is the adoption of technologies across different verticals of businesses to make them more efficient. It may include migration to cloud technologies or even moving to AR.

Digital transformation can have massive growth potential for many businesses and with this, a massive growth in quality jobs can be expected. But why exactly is digital transformation important in creating quality jobs? Here’s why.

Innovation Equals New Quality Jobs

Technology has always been about doing more with less. However, this is only true when organizations are able to combine technologies with the right human skills.

Yes, it is true that as businesses move towards technological advancements, automation has risen to eliminate obsolete jobs. However, this has also led to consistently creating new jobs. Maybe this is the reason the term “creative destruction” is used for innovation.

However, the aspect of creativity completely depends on the people using technologies. If organizations successfully use the power of human adaptability for upskilling and reskilling their workforce, they can improve people and technology at the same time.

Remember, even the best of innovations will be useless unless and until humans are not skilled enough to properly use them. Even the most formidable human mind becomes less useful if not coupled with technology. The key implication is that while leaders consider investing in technology, the first thing they should ponder over is investing in the people who can truly make technology useful.

Single Technology Can Create Multiple Quality Jobs

Smart device technology requires software experts who can program in multiple languages ​​for the most popular platforms and operating systems on the market. These technologies also require experts who can use tools to create applications that perform a variety of tasks for different niches, from general to specific.

Moreover, the role of the programmer is very relevant and that of the business analyst, who can translate the needs of different sectors and sectors of society. As well as translate their technological requirements into a mobile or web application to improve their processes or make them more productive.

Smart device technology also requires interface design experts, user experience designers, usability specialists and graphic designers specialized in mobile interfaces. Fashion designers specializing in wearables could become a highly sought-after profession, a role that would work alongside industrial designers or hardware development specialists.

In this sense, more digital transformation can create quality jobs for some professions.

Some Examples of Digital Transformation Creating Quality Jobs:

The Internet of Things

It is a segment based on high-quality connectivity. In this context, both wireless network technicians and analysts, and home automation experts play a fundamental role in the operation of the IoT. Other required professional profiles are geolocation engineers, energy efficiency engineers & sensor designers.

Cloud Technology

It is as important as connectivity for digital transformation. This job profile always requires skilled professionals who can be consulted when purchasing cloud services, including cloud architects and professionals, focused on cloud data security systems.

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