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Workplace Trends Set to Shape 2022

By February 21, 2022 News

The world was forever divided based on physical, political, sociological, economic, and psychological boundaries concerning nations, regions, and different sections of the population. But now, there is a clear distinction that unites the world on two different sides of the timeline. One of which is the pre-Covid era, while the other is the post-Covid one. So along with the massive upheavals that Covid-19 has caused, this pandemic has also changed our world perspective and brought major transformations in our lifestyle, including our way of working. With the rampage of the virus being too widespread, most of us have even been forced to stay away from our workplaces for almost two years now. During which, work-from-home became the new normal.

Workplace Trends That Will Become More Prominent in 2022

Now with 2022 already here, new workplace changes are in the offing. This article will give you a peek into the workplace trends that are set to shape 2022.

Worker Flexibility

With three working models being contemplated upon, comprising centralized workplaces, decentralized remote organizations, and hybrid, you will now have more flexibility to choose the one that suits you best. So it is not much about which model your company adopts. It is for you to choose the one you are more comfortable working in.

AI to Automate Existing Jobs 

With AI believed to increase 97 million jobs by 2025, according to a report, you are set for a role change in your existing job. To accommodate the changing times, as a worker, you are also expected to upgrade your skills to utilize AI technology more productively and in the best interest of your company. AI is set to penetrate all areas of business. This is right from reducing human labor to tapping into deeper pockets that need creativity, imagination, and advanced strategizing.

Building a More Sustainable Workforce

Companies are now looking for workers who can ensure their well-being and also that of their co-workers. Because in the post-Covid times, it is no longer about having an efficient organization only with skilled workers. Now, it is more about having a physically healthy and mentally stable workforce that can help in running the business uninterruptedly.

Employers to Track Company Productivity Through Monitoring Tools 

With physical offices becoming less common, in-person meetings and conversations are gradually declining. In such a scenario, keeping a tab on employee productivity is a challenge. Hence, companies are resorting to monitoring and analysis trackers like Aware to get their hands on data from employee emails, etc, to measure their level of productivity. But this step has both pros and cons. While it may seem innocuous at first, this can soon become intrusive on the part of the employee if it is not handled by the company with enough sensitivity. It is, therefore, the company’s responsibility to ensure that these tracking tools are used to oversee the overall productivity of the workforce and not used for gaining insights into individual activities.

Inclination Towards Green Companies to go Up

According to a survey, employees nowadays are inclining more towards companies that have integrated sustainable practices into their core framework. Thus, organizations with environment-friendly operations that help in reducing carbon footprint will stay ahead of the race. This will be in terms of eagerness from workers to be a part of these companies as they promote zero impact on climate by implementing green initiatives.


With workplace norms slated for a huge makeover, the work culture is in for a massive turnaround.

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