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Job Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

By March 28, 2022 News

When you first started out with your job search, you must have thought it would only take a couple of weeks to land a good position. However, the job-hunting process can often be long-drawn. This largely depends on your timing, experience, and the demand for a particular role or job. The key to a successful job hunting process is to avoid the pitfalls of common job-hunting mistakes.

In this article, we will cover some of the most common mistakes made by people while hunting for jobs. We will also provide you with tips and solutions to avoid these mistakes so that you can land your dream job in no time.

Mistake #1: Applying for all kinds of jobs

There can be times of desperation in which you might end up applying for all kinds of jobs in hopes of getting a call-back. However, this strategy does not always yield a positive result. It is important to have a targeted approach and a clear idea about what you want. Think about which industry you want to work in and whether you want a flexible, fully remote, or office job. Try to apply for jobs that are a good fit for you, and research the roles thoroughly. You should also find out more about the companies you are interested in so that you can know about their company culture.

Mistake #2: Following up aggressively

So you have applied for an interesting role, and it has been some time since you have heard from the employer. Many people tend to call up the company to request an interview in this scenario. However, this approach can be considered very aggressive. It is important to practice patience and remain professional in your communication with the prospective employer. Ideally, you should wait for a minimum of 1 week before contacting the company after applying. Also, ensure that you are upbeat and pleasant with the follow-up.

Mistake #3: Inflating your CV

Given the competitive job market of today, many people tend to inflate or beef up their resumes to land good jobs. They feel that doing this will ensure that their CV is not rejected in the first round of the hiring process. However, the fact of the matter is that employers are able to catch on easily if you are lying in your resume. If you inflate your CV too much, the lies will eventually catch up with you even if you land the job. If you are able to highlight the relevant experience and skills effectively, it will help in increasing your chances of landing a job.

Mistake #4: Ignoring feedback 

When you get your CV reviewed by any person or go for a mock interview, you should never ignore the feedback you receive. Even if the feedback is constructive and given in a positive way, it can often be hard to hear. However, the input you receive from other people can be very useful in improving your prospects as an applicant. Consider the feedback carefully and incorporate the fair points in your approach later.

Mistake #5: Giving up

Sometimes, when you are faced with repeated failed applications and interviews, it’s quite natural to feel frustrated. You might even consider giving up entirely. However, you can utilize this time to level up your skills and make yourself more qualified for the various job openings.


It is quite easy to make the common job-hunting mistakes listed in the aforementioned points. However, there are always ways to pick yourself up and come up with a new strategy to navigate the job market. Remember to always do course correction if you catch yourself committing any of these mistakes.

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